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Triton Series

The Most Interesting Story In Poker

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In 2015, Paul Phua co-founded Triton Poker along with his longtime business partner Richard Yong. By this point, Paul was no stranger to professional poker, but he wanted something more. With the creation of Triton Poker, Paul was able to play a more central leadership role in the poker industry, creating an entirely new series of exciting poker tournaments that took the world by storm.

Today, the Triton Series is a tour that rumbles around the globe, stopping at the most salubrious of locations, with world-class service, world-class players, and world-class production. With record-breaking buy-ins and a loyal audience of excited fans, Triton has brought back the old nostalgic air of high stakes magnificence.



Paul Phua doesn’t shy away from the glitz and glamour of poker tournaments when organizing Triton Series events. By seeking out some of the most lavish and luxurious casinos in the world, Paul has established a near-legendary reputation for these tournaments. Past venues for the Triton series include world-class hotels in Montenegro, London, Sochi, and many other historic urban centers.

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The Triton Series held its first event in the Philippines in 2016, and it immediately attracted a host of both amateur and professional players. This mixture of casual and serious players has always been a notable feature of the Triton Series, and it’s one of the factors that make these tournaments so unique. Throughout the next few years, Triton Poker held events in locations like Sochi, Montenegro, and Jeju. In 2019, Paul Phua made poker history with the world-famous Triton Million event.

Located in London, this tournament shattered previous records with a buy-in of over 1 million pounds. Not only did the Triton Million have the largest buy-in of any poker event in history, but it also succeeded in raising millions for a number of important charity organizations.

The Triton Million also represented a major step forward for Paul Phua and Triton Poker because of a number of new TV deals. This groundbreaking poker event was broadcast across the world. Poker fans in Israel, Canada, and nations across Eastern Europe were able to tune in and watch their favorite poker stars compete like never before. Paul Phua was able to organize a deal with FreeSports that brought the Triton Series to over 22 million homes throughout the UK. Protocol Sports also agreed to another deal with Triton, hinting at the expansion into US markets towards the future. TSN, Canada’s largest sports network, signed an additional deal to broadcast the Triton Million every Friday.

From the very beginning, the Triton Series was always intended to be a charitable organization. In the words of Paul Phua: “Poker is the perfect vehicle to reduce pain and suffering in the world. As we stand at the summit of the game, our ability to serve others through charitable donations, tournaments, and other enterprises is unparalleled.”

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To date, the Triton Series has successfully raised a staggering amount of money for charities all over the world. Phua specifically makes an effort to support charities that are local to Triton Series venues. For example, when the Triton Series visited Montenegro, Paul Phua organized a 30,000-Euro donation to a hospital located in one of the nation’s small towns. This allowed the town to buy an ultrasound machine that they desperately needed to help their patients. The town had been waiting for ten years before Phua finally stepped in and provided them with this crucial piece of medical equipment.

Of course, the most notable charitable donations came with the Triton Series’ biggest event to date – the Triton Million.



Of the 1,050,000-pound buy-in, 50,000 pounds was donated directly to charity from each player. Several charities benefited immensely from this influx of new funding, including the One Drop Foundation, the Bahamas Relief Effort, Healthy Hong Kong, and many others. Over 12 charities received hundreds of thousands of pounds each thanks to efforts from Paul Phua and the Triton Series.

In the future, Paul Phua will continue to use the Triton Series as a vehicle for positive change. By expanding and growing this organization to greater heights, more charities will benefit. This means signing new TV deals, creating new tournaments, and attracting more poker players from all over the world. That being said, the Triton Series has already become a major force in the poker world. Paul Phua only needs to build on the solid foundation that he has built for this organization in the years to come.